Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Oh what a night....

I'll be at Obama headquarters in Raleigh tonight. I'll be posting more as the night goes on but I need to get there first so I'll be offline for a little bit.

I'll tell you what, if Obama loses it won't be because of his grassroots efforts. On several street corners there were tents with people selling T-shirts and pictures and pushing for votes.

In my neighborhood over the last several days people have canvassed the neighborhood and left literature on door knobs.

Should be interesting..come back for updates..probably anytime after 6!

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Anonymous said...

Would you feel the same about Obhama if his spirital leader had been a Muslim extremist.
We know little about the man before this election, so we therfore must judge him by the people around him. These people include Rev Wright and the Black panther leader.