Wednesday, October 03, 2007

An interesting observation from the Council of State meeting yesterday. Perhaps nothing to it, but still interesting.

As you may know, the Council of State met to either take up or ignore an administrative judge's ruling that they retake a look at their approval of the DOC's protocol for executions.

Before the hearing, I could see Gov. Easley talking at length with Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler.

After a brief discussion, Troxler spoke up and made the motion to essentially uphold the Council's original approval in February. The motion was seconded by Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry.

They are both Republicans. Perhaps there's nothing to it, but still interesting to notice since a large majority including the Governor and two candidates for Governor on the council are Democrats. Why wouldn't one of them give the motion or even second it?

Again perhaps nothing ot it but just an observation.

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