Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hagan's in! Here's the release from her campaign..

"I want this campaign to be about giving North Carolina a voice."
Citing the need to change the country and demand accountability in Washington, North Carolina State Senator Kay Hagan today announced her candidacy for the United States Senate. Hagan, who is currently serving her fifth term in the North Carolina Senate, officially launched her bid against Elizabeth Dole through a video on her new campaign website.
"To make a difference in North Carolina, we need change in Washington," Hagan said. "We need a Senator to make our voice heard. We need a Senator who will stand up, lead and make a difference. That's what I've done, and it's what I'm going to keep doing in Washington."
Hagan said the issues that are most important to voters are what will set her apart.
"We need accountability to end the war in Iraq so we can re-invest those resources here at home. How can Washington reject health care for 123,000 North Carolina children, while continuing to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on this mismanaged war?" Hagan said. "Making those kinds of decisions is hard, but I know it can be done - because those are the kinds of fights I've led in the State Senate."
Throughout her career as a state legislator, Kay has proven to her colleagues and constituents that she is a tireless advocate for the people of North Carolina. Distinguished as one of the "Top Ten Effective Senators" in the state, Kay has been commended for being a diligent and successful voice for her constituency.
"Kay Hagan is one of the strongest and most effective leaders in North Carolina," former Governor Jim Hunt said. "She has been a champion of improving education and creating jobs for our entire state. She has exactly the kind of good ideas, energy and drive North Carolina needs in Washington."
"I'm proud of doing things the right way here - it's something Washington could use a lot more of," Hagan said. "I want this campaign to be about giving North Carolina a voice."
Hagan, a lifelong North Carolinian, has raised three children in Greensboro, a community she has represented for nine years in the state Senate. She will launch her campaign with a tour of the state in the coming weeks. To view Hagan's announcement video, visit www.kayhagan.com.

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