Monday, October 08, 2007

Hagan's not running...

Here's the release..


NC Senator Kay R. Hagan announced today that she would not be a candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2008. This announcement came after two months of meetings with local, regional, state, and federal policy makers at which Hagan explored the opportunities to represent the citizens of North Carolina that service in the U.S. Senate might provide.

"When all is said and done," Hagan reflected, "I genuinely believe that I can serve the citizens of Guilford County and all of North Carolina better and more effectively from my Senate seat in Raleigh than from Washington, D.C. While I was excited about the challenges of a statewide campaign and undaunted by the fund raising component of such a campaign, my impact as Co-Chair of the Appropriations Committee and the chance to speak out on major North Carolina issues is greater, right now, as a Senator in Raleigh."

Hagan was first elected to the NC Senate from District #27 in 1998 and is currently in her fifth term. She had been ranked as one of the "Top Ten Effective Senators" in North Carolina and is the recipient of many state and local awards including the Triad Citizen of the Year, NC Library Association's Honorary Membership Award, Luther Jeralds Advocacy Award – Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition of NC and others.

"This is good news for Guilford County and our region," said Tim Rice, Chair of the Greensboro Area Chamber of Commerce Operating Board. "The local impact of Kay's leadership in Raleigh is tangible not only in the millions of dollars she has helped our area secure but also her leadership on so many different issues. While we may have wanted her to serve on the national level, we value the fact that she is a key voice for us in Raleigh."

"The U.S. Senate's loss is the North Carolina Senate's gain," said Senate President Pro Tempore Marc Basnight. "Kay is such a wonderful and effective advocate for her constituents and for all the people of our great state. We are so fortunate that she has decided to run for

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