Monday, October 08, 2007

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob Orr held a newser this morning and released an economic plan. Here's the release from his campaign...

"Monday, October 8, Justice Robert F. Orr, Republican candidate for Governor, released his proposal to reform North Carolina’s economic development structure.

Justice Orr expressed his desire to bring openness, accountability and fairness to the system. What he described as “just principles of a democratic society and a sound foundation in public policy.”

“Our current system for economic development in North Carolina is fundamentally flawed,” said Justice Orr. “My proposal will restructure the way we do business in North Carolina. We must stop the practice of handing out incentives based on the influence of corporate lobbyists, eliminate state discretionary incentive awards and end the competition to attract businesses among our counties.”

Key points of the proposal include the elimination of discretionary incentives programs like the Governor's One North Carolina Fund and the Job Development Investment Grant in favor of a new initiative to provide additional support for workforce training.

Orr also addressed change at the local level through his advocating additional reforms requiring local governments to develop structured incentive policies, eliminate targeted incentives to business considering relocation within the state, and increasing local disclosure through the mandatory publication of economic development agreements and by instituting a 45 day hold on any incentive vote following a public hearing.

On a further note, Orr recommended the adoption of a unified development budget as a means to hold public officials accountable and provide policy makers with essential data regarding all statewide economic development activities.

Orr stated his intention to bring the focus of North Carolina’s economic development programs “back to their intended goals.”
“It is my intention to encourage job creation throughout North Carolina – while still preserving our constitutional and policy interests in providing a transparent government, a fair tax system, and accountability to our citizens for tax dollars expended.”

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