Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama and Heels...

So, I was one of the journalists taken along on the bus ride to see Sen. Obama play hoops with the Tar Heels.

We had to meet in Chapel Hill by 6am. By 6:45 we were security swept and put on a bus to the Dean Dome. Once inside the players started flowing in about 7:05 and Sen. Obama followed with Coach Williams.

It was interesting to watch the players as much as Sen. Obama. They were very relaxed and for the most part did not see overly star struck by any means. Granted, 3-4 of them will be NBA players so maybe that means nothing but you have to remember no matter how big and old some may look they are 18-21 years old only.

One by one they came over and shook his hand individually. Ty Lawson really seemed to get the biggest kick out of it.

Obama eventually got a pretty decent shot off just out of the reach of Hansbrough but missed and as Hansbrough dribbled up court he had a smile on his face as did Obama.

The players played like it was any other scrimmage though and it was clear that Obama was tired as he took himself out of the game.

It was a pretty good press opportunity for video. Particularly, because we were just arriving back to the hotel when Sen. Clinton was about to be endorsed by Gov. Easley. I would be incredibly surprised if this event wasn't meant to deflect a little attention away from the event! That's why most of us were surprised when the campaign allowed no comments on the pickup game from Sen. Obama and the team was not made available either.

UNC guard Marc Campbell from Raleigh guarded Obama the most-some story to tell the kids some day if Obama wins huh?

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elme said...

Obama claims 7 years experience in the Illinois legislature - Working Across the Aisles, Bringing people together to get good CHANGES passed -as exemplified by 26 good bills with his name on them.

A Chicago reporter says all 26 bills were passed in ONE Year.


But what’s interesting, and almost never discussed, is that he built his entire legislative record in Illinois in a single year.

Republicans controlled the Illinois General Assembly for six years of Obama’s seven-year tenure.

Then Emil Jones Jr. (became the Senate Majority leader), He became Obama’s kingmaker.

Jones appointed Obama sponsor of virtually every high-profile piece of legislation, angering many rank-and-file state legislators who had more seniority than Obama and had spent years championing the bills.

During his seventh year in the state Senate, Obama ... sponsored a whopping 26 bills including many he now cites in his presidential campaign when attacked as inexperienced.

Working Across the Aisles/

Taking Credit for Other People's Work/ INTEGRITY = ZERO