Monday, August 25, 2008

Let the DNCC begin!

Howard Dean officially got the party started this afternoon and the convention is underway in Denver.

We've had a chance to talk with many of our delegates today. They are clearly disappointed they are sitting so far back compared to front row seats in 2004. However, they are down right pushy to push the point that it has nothing to do with Sen. Obama giving up on NC. Republicans argue otherwise.

The big buzz tonight in the entire city is whether or not Ted Kennedy will make it on stage tonight. Michelle Obama is the keynote speaker but it's clear Kennedy would overshadow that in a hurry.

Just to give you a viewpoint of how things are working here in Denver. Right outside the Pepsi center there are 3 huge media pavilions where the networks are working out of. We are working with our sister stations in New York out of a construction trailer that is equipped with some fancy technology to get our stories back to North Carolina.

On the floor of the convention hall it is madness. A mixture of excitement and pretty bad fashion! Crazy shirts, signs, and hats are everywhere but it is very exciting for them.

I'm essentially typing with the laptop on my lap in a folding chair in the corner of the trailer. There are probably 30 of us in it right now. Yeah, not so glamorous! At least compared to CNN who has overtaken a restaurant and even renamed it CNN Cafe for the week complete with a 20 foot neon sign (there goes the pay raises for CNN folks!).

It's exhausting walking with all the gear but it's so worth it to get as close as we are to all this history!

We'll see how tonight goes! Tomorrow, Hillary Clinton speaks and two NC residents speak on the floor as well!

Until then...

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