Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday in Denver

Good morning one and all from the Rocky Mountains!

Governor Easley is here and we are trying to track him down for an interview today. The Democratic Party knows little to nothing about his whereabouts so I'm at the mercy of his staff back at Raleigh getting me in touch with his people here in Denver.

Here's something very few want to say but are off the record and off camera. Ted Kennedy's moment on stage was very emotional and remarkable but his speech was not as amazing as commentators say it was last night. Again, it was a remarkable moment but the speech itself didn't knock the socks off a lot of the delegates I spoke to since the speech.

Michelle Obama, on the other hand, did knock the socks off of people. I'm not surprised. I got a chance to interview her twice and I was very impressed. I'm not talking politics, I'm talking about the way she communicates and can tell her family's story.

Tonight, it's Hillary Clinton. She speaks after my deadline so not sure how we're going to cover it yet but this could be a huge moment in this election. Will Clinton be able to convince her strong supporters to lend their vote to Obama despite their anger? Our delegates are convinced it's a smaller number than the media portrays and we are taking it way out of context.

Two North Carolina women are speaking on at the convention floor tonight. We are trying to arrange an interview with one of them after she speaks.

Let me tell you, it's a disaster trying to set up stories here beyond talking to delegates. There are more than 15,000 journalists here and they all want the same access I'm trying to get! There is a gate around the Pepsi Center at least a block in every direction keeping people out. Police are on every corner in Denver. Some have massive weapons and riot gear. Kinda strange!

Anyway, I must continue on my quest to find the Governor. Check out News 14 Carolina later on tonight. We'll have a story on the oldest and youngest delegates in NC and maybe even the entire convention!

Until then...

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Anonymous said...

Great coverage as always Tim
I'm watching the coverage on
C-Span and PBS..too much analysis on the cable news channels.,,not enoguh on the big three networks.
Can you talk to some of the people who are giving the smaller speeches?
No one is covering those speeches.
Also..I'd like to know more about the band for the convention.
Monday night they had the place rocking.
Anyone from NC involved in that?
Keep up the great work!