Saturday, August 23, 2008

We made it to Denver!

It's 6:30 MT and we are in our hotel. Whew..long travel day and a strange one at that. Nonetheless our Democratic National Convention trip has begun!

We had two flights with our layover in Houston. On the first flight the plane arrived late. As soon as we sat down the stewardess scolded the passengers to hurry up and sit down because we're running late. Wait, don't scold us, YOU were late! Then she began walking up the aisle scolding passenger after passenger about bags that weren't under the seat properly. Then she rudely dealt with two people in exit rows behind me and talked to them like they were 1st graders. I've never seen anything like it.

Anyway, we arrived in the Mile High City. I've never been here before so it's a fun work trip and a great life experience as well. It was sadly cloudy as we arrived. In fact, there were tornadoes and flood warnings south of here earlier. It's still cloudy now but we can still make out the mountains, or at least an outline in the deep blue clouds.

We are carrying television equipment so everywhere we go we get the inevitable, you work for a tv station? Yep.

So far everyone is really nice here but it's really spread out like the Triangle. We haven't even seen the downtown area yet and we're not far.

Delegates start arriving tomorrow afternoon. So, our story tomorrow afternoon will focus on setting the stage here in Denver to give you a feel for what's in store. If you haven't heard 100 years ago, in 1908, the Democratic Convention was held here too! The host hotel is still around so we're going to get a tour and there's some really neat memorabilia from it.

Anyway, look for that tomorrow and I'll keep you posted. It's time for us to get some grub and relax after a long day of travel. Until then....

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