Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mornin from Denver!

I'll tell you what. It's not a bad morning when you're sipping on a coffee with your laptop staring at the Rocky Mountains! It is gorgeous here.

The air is so clean and so clear. No humidity. My photographer, Maurice Griffin, is probably getting sick of hearing me take deep breaths and saying "Man is this fresh air!".

The people of Denver have been unbelievably friendly. They have volunteers posted just about everywhere. We are probably about 20 minutes outside of downtown. However, this city has a light rail system that works awesome. You can catch one about every 10 minutes and it's only $3.00 for a roundtrip ticket. So far, it seems very clean and pretty modern. I would imagine "green" yuppies would eat this city up. I don't consider myself that but I love it too!

One funny note. There is a traffic reporter on a local station and her name is Amelia Earhart. I kid you not. Can that be real?

We're getting ready to head out and venture downtown. It's worse than getting kids ready. We have so much equipment to take with us. I'm sure we'll get stared at quite a bit but we definitely won't be alone with 15,000 credentialed journalists. I will also get my favorite question when we carry all this television equipment. "Do you work for a tv station?"


Anyway, we're doing a story on the history of Denver and the convention here. We have an interview with someone about the host hotel from the 1908 Democratic National Convention which exists today still. Plus we hope to show you a little of Denver as well.

Until then...!

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