Sunday, August 24, 2008

NC in the back!

So, after an hour of security and general misery of sitting in the heat and altitude with no water we are finally inside the compound.

By the way, Denver is a ridiculously nice city. Very modern and sheik yet historical.

Anyway, my point for this entry is to tell you they just released the seating chart for the delegates and NC is in the very back. How bad? They are seated next to Arizona which is McCain's home state.

Compare that to the front row seats delegates had in 2004! Should be interesting tomorrow.

We saw Dan Rather, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, and Kate Snow today wandering around the floor. We happened to be on the floor when Madeline Albright was checking out the speaker's podium as well.

While we were waiting in line to get through security Rep. Dennis Kucinich walked by with his leading lady. She's about 5-6 inches taller and many more years younger. Pretty much everyone was turning their heads at the interesting couple!

They walked right past two guys from Missouri who spent the day holding a huge sign that said "Rednecks from Obama". The foreign press took a huge liking to them. Anything to make the Americans look dumb, odd, etc. right?

Tomorrow the convention starts so it's time to sleep!!

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