Monday, April 21, 2008

Back in the saddle...

Well, after a one on one with Sen. Obama Thursday night I headed to Pennsylvania to see the in-laws. It was pretty interesting to see all the coverage. I was in western PA which is pretty much Clinton territory. In fact, this morning Bill Clinton held a rally at my wife's former high school in Greensburg which is about 40 minutes outside of Pittsburgh.

Anywho, the NC Dem Party cancelled the Presidential debate because Sen. Obama couldn't agree on it. In a one on one interview I had with him last Thursday, he said despite calls from two superdelegates (Gov. Easley and Hunt) to debate, he wasn't concerned about losing support from NC Democrats.

He wasn't kidding as the debate was cancelled.

Think about this as well...everyone is waiting for Wednesday and the beginning of craziness in this state after the Pennsylvania primary.

What if Sen. Obama pulss off an upset? Most pundits will practically declare Obama the nominee. Will everyone close shop and move out of state? Some pundits believe turnout would cut in half and that could have an enormous impact on state races.

Pretty wild to think about but most believe Clinton will win.

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