Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I had a chance to interview Michelle Obama this afternoon. Here's just a few snipits. Check out the full interview this week on Political Connections.

Her thoughts on her role in the campaing..

"My goal is to give people a better sense of who Barack is not just as a candidate but as a man. What are his values, his character that I think make him stand out not just as a candidate, but as a potential president."

Her thoughts on staying out of the spats between Bill Clinton and her husband...

"Barack is the candidate and on tough issues, policy, any skirmishes you know he's the one that has got to battle it out because he's the one who's going to be the person in the oval office so as far as I'm concerned as I look at this as a citizen, I don't want to know what Michelle Obama thinks, I want to know what Barack Obama thinks."

Her thoughts on the race here in NC...

"As far as I'm concerned Barack Obama is the underdog until he is in the oval office. People need to listen and keep their hearts, minds, and ears open because I know there is still people who are undecided who supported another candidate who is no longer in the race."

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