Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Doyle won't budge on Easley conversation...

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle is campaigning on behalf of Barack Obama in NC today and tomorrow. He was one of the first governors to endorse Obama.

At an event in Raleigh, a fellow reporter asked during a press conference if he had conversations with Gov. Easley about the presidential race. I pushed Gov. Doyle on the question as well in a later interview.

He says he's been friends with Gov. Easley since they were both Attorneys General and now as governors. He says they have talked about the presidential race but would not say an ounce of what was in that conversation.

Governor Easley, a superdelegate, has not said who he supports. He has said he will vote for who he wants to and previous results or pressure from the public will have not influence on his vote.

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