Monday, April 14, 2008

Voter registration number crunching...

Math typically makes my head hurt and wow is my head hurting right now! I should have never said in school "when will I ever need this anyway in the real world?".

Anyway, new registration numbers from the State Board of Elections are out.

First glance shows a huge number of Democrats and unaffiliated but if you compare it to 2004 you see a different picture.

Since January 1
2.6% increase
76,131 Democrats (53%)
53, 732 unaffiliated (37%)
14,911 Republican (10%)

So, you might think wow the Republicans are having issues but the numbers since January 1st are clearly representing the desire to vote in this particular primary.

If you compare registration numbers in May 2004 to today's numbers (last Presidential primary year to this year)...

Democrats - 180,036 more now (7.5% increase)
Republicans - 184,063 more now (10.5% increase)
Unaffiliated - 317,014 more now (34.9% increase)

Overall numbers show still more Democrats are registered but I thought it was interesting to note in the last four years more Republicans have registered than Democrats even including this recent push. Obviously, the wow factor sits with the unaffiliated numbers.

By the way overall there are 671,014 more registered since 04 which makes a 13.2% increase.

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