Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Thursday!

Anybody else tired yet? It's getting quite insane here trying to cover all these races. I don't have much to report except I will have a lot to report tomorrow (Friday).

Make sure to watch Political Connections Friday night at 6 and Sunday at 11am and you'll see what I'm working on.

Check back tomorrow morning and I'll have an update.

Will we matter? The interesting debate now is how much will NC matter? Rob Christensen over at the N&O says not much compared to Indiana now. I tend to agree. We have many more delegates but Obama smells blood as he trails by just two in recent Indiana polls. I think he thinks if he can win that state and North Carolina it will be the last nail in the coffin of Clinton's campaign.

Proof? I don't really have any. However, the PA primary was Tuesday and our states our next and has no scheduled events in this state until next Friday.

Should be interesting.

Talk to you tomorrow!


Action Alz said...

NC matters, not only in delegate count and public numbers, but in terms of getting important issues in front of the candidates.

One in 6 women and one in 10 men who reach age 55 can expect to develop Alzheimer’s.

Annually, $148 billion goes towards the direct and indirect costs of Alzheimer’s Care to the government and businesses in the United States.

Senators Clinton, McCain, and Obama must address this medical and fiscal epidemic. It’s up to us to ask them how, and ask them now.

What's your issue? There won't be a better time to ask!

Anonymous said...

I vote. I vote republican, I vote democrat, I vote independent. I vote my conscience. My Father once told me something I have never forgotten: Conscience before Country, Country before Party. You see, he was a republican once, too. Not now.

I pray I can vote for Hillary Clinton in November. I am one that would not vote with any conscience for any other current candidate. I couldn't...I can't vote for a speech. I can't vote for inexperience in foreign policy and economic policy. As a Mother I could never look at my children and vote to continue this war and this economic disaster for them to inherit. Regardless of what the pundits claim, Senator Clinton is far, far better suited to run agianst McCain in the general election. All current polls that may possibly put others ahead of her in likely wins nationally are inherently flawed in one MAJOR respect I wish America would finally realize...Hillary is the only candidate that has been tested. Period. Of course she wouldn't bring up all of the other candidate's shortcomings (despite what the media loves to spin) isn't good for the party. can COUNT on the Republicans emptying every closet, attic and crawl space to win. You can count on headline after headline detailing things we have only heard whisper of thus far. We know what they will say about Senator Clinton and we know from experience that she will prevail over it when all is said and done.

My state voted a majority for Senator Obama in the primary. The latest polls here show that now over 65% of MN would prefer to see Senator Clinton as the presidential nominee. Sadly, the realization that words and hype do not a president make came too late for my state. I feel if polls were conducted in many early primary states the results would be much the same...hype is hype, but substance is substance. Even Bush has had over 70% approval ratings once upon a time ;-)

We've been hearing a great deal about "Hope".

Newsflash: The only thing the Republicans are "hoping" for is that they don't have to wage a campaign against Senator Clinton. Let's help Hillary win this and show them the true audacity of that hope.