Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wright is done testifying and the defense has rested and the prosecution has no more evidence. The jury has gone home and the attorneys and judge are working on jury instructions.

Attorneys will give closing arguments first thing in the morning then Wright's fate will rest in the hands of the jury!


Wright's wife takes the stand..he's on the stand now!

The prosecution has rested in the Thomas Wright fraud trial. His attorney, Doug Harris asked the judge to remove himself from this trial and future trials then asked to have the case dismissed.

Both motions were denied.

Harris then called Wright's wife to the stand. She said he's very unorganized and she has found checks written out for nearly $4000 sitting around the office in their home.

Wright's main defense is sloppy bookkeeping led to the charges and he's innocent. His wife also said she gets upset that he spends so much of their own money on his health charities and initiatives.

Wright is going through his background on the stand now.

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