Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Power of suggestion???

Beverly Perdue missed her public appearance as Lieutenant Governor announcing a new plan among seven groups to help educators become healthier and, in turn, help students become healthier as well.

We were told Perdue could not make it because of her appearance in tonight's debate.

Anywho, an aide of Perdue's spoke on her behalf and called her Governor Perdue at least twice and I believe I caught a third time as well.

Those of us in the media all noticed it, but I couldn't see any other audience members perking up to respond.

Strong statement...

At a news conference today announcing a new program to help schools become healthier State School Board Chairman Howard Lee had this to say about what he's seen in some kids during visits to schools across North Carolina.

"And I'm quite struck by the number of plump kids who waddle into these auditoriums. And then I ask why and the why is because we know they are eating a lot of junk food. We know they are not exercising."

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Anonymous said...

It is proper to call the Lt. Governor, governor.

you see the same with attorney general. people call him general.

also same with Navy ranks
Lt. Commander = Commander