Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chuck Norris tonight?

Good morning from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. One day is now in the books on the campaign trail for us. After a quick breakfast, we're heading up to Columbia to do an interview with Carolina's GOP chairman. I'm hoping to post it on the blog this afternoon and we're using it for this week's Political Connections (which we're taping entirely here in South Carolina this week and next so check it out Friday at 6pm and Sunday at 11am) Okay cheap plug over!

Anywho, after that interview we're going to check out Mike Huckabee on the campaign trail and then we're hanging out with the candidate and his supporters tonight to watch Michigan results in Lexington, SC. I lived in Arkansas for a few years when he was in a different public office other than Governor so we'll see if I can use that to sneak in a one on one interview (yeah right).

But the big question is will Chuck Norris appear in SC tonight! He's touring Huckabee and we'll have to see if we can talk to him. I'm not sure whether it is newsworthy, curiosity, or just plain weird. We'll just have to see I guess!

More this afternoon we must hit the road!

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