Friday, January 18, 2008

Columbia, SC

One last plug..check out Political Connections tonight at 6pm on News 14 Carolina for a look at the week in South Carolina!!!

Well..we decided to meet up with Dr. Hugh Cort. It was interesting to say the least. If you didn't read my earlier post, he's a Republican Presidential candidate. He's running about 8th in polls but when you get below 6th there's not much difference between 6-10 (yes there are 10 candidates in the national Republican race believe it or not).

He's a psychiatrist and terrorism expert from Alabama(self-proclaimed at this point until I confirm that). I'm not sure what that combination means but I'll leave the conclusions up to you. Anyway, when we were checking in at 2:30am he was checking in at the same Hampton Inn. He's campaigning across the state in his Chevy Malibu.

So, we tried to go into a Waffle House to get him campaigning with people and they said no cameras. We went to another local restaurant and they wouldn't let us in because the manager is a Ron Paul supporter (not kidding). So we then went into a restaurant called Lizard Thicket where they said yes finally. He went around the room and met people and handed out brochures.

Now Dr. Cort is what most call a fringe candidate. These candidates are in the race to try and get a message out. Dr. Cort's main message is to show people that Osama Bin Laden is planning a nuclear attack on 10 U.S. cities. He's also very anti-gay marriage and wants to do away with the IRS.

Anyway, he was very nice and very thankful for any media attention and kept saying that by helping him get on tv we were helping prevent a terrorist attack. Right or wrong about his belief, he's very passionate and some of the customers at the Lizards' liked his tax policy ideas.

What was interesting was you could tell he doesn't get too much media attention and he was going to take advantage of it. It was like a Chatty Charlie in a "who can stay silent" contest. The contest ends and you can imagine the spewing of conversation. I don't mean that in a bad way and I don't blame him because he's a candidate for President.

Check out the story if you can at later tonight.

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