Friday, January 18, 2008

Good morning from Columbia!

It's Primary eve here in South Carolina. It is cold and there's a chance of snow. I'm sure the pundits are already thinking of slick things to say about how the weather may affect turnout and who that would benefit!!!

Anywho, we got a late start this morning after a really long day yesterday. It started in Charlotte, then we stopped in Fort Mill, SC, then onto Clemson, SC, then onto Columbia where we had to essentially put together our show for tonight. We finally went to sleep around 3:00am.

We've been eating so much fast food as we chase around the state and we could really use a healthier meal but most likely it will be hot pockets in the hotel microwave. Nothing like a little hot pocket.

So, most of the candidates are traveling the state today and we need to stay in Columbia because we're helping our New York station send back stories from here tonight. I'm probably going to work on one of two stories. The first is election preps and what's on the mind of the voters. The other is more unique.

We get a lot of, okay I'll say it, weirdos coming up to us constantly when we hit the road like this. It seems if you are carrying a camera you have a sign on your forehead that says "Please approach me and talk to me about something bizarre". You's your sign. Don't get me wrong I love talking to viewers but these bizarre ones are unreal.

Anyway we were chekcing into our hotel at 2:30am this morning, a Hampton Inn, and this guy approaches me like it's 2:30pm and says "I'm Hugh Cort and I'm running for President". Yeah okayyyyy! Except he really is running for President. He's from Alabama and I checked into it and yes he's running for President! He said it cost $35,000 just to get on the ballot here in SC.

Anyway, it's kind of crazy and I'm thinking about setting up a story with him if he agrees to go campaign a little bit because I'd love to see people's reaction!

So, that's our day..I hope yours goes well and I'll write more this afternoon!

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Anonymous said...

Love Hot Pockets....good choice!