Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Orangeburg, South Carolina

I'm on a riser at the Barack Obama event at South Carolina State University. Wow! So he was literally an hour late but the crowd didn't care. First actor Chris Tucker took the stage and the students went crazy. I swear you would think their favorite team won a championship. Next, actress Kerry Washington came in to a decent applause, then the ladies went wild when Usher came out. Usher actually spoke for about 5 minutes and had the crowd silenced talking about the importance of voting and, in his belief, voting for Barack Obama.

I have to tell you they were even louder for Obama when he came out. It was electric in this place.

This is my first person watching Obama in person. He's very energetic, talking off the cuff with the audience, and lively. It's probably tough for him to be that way. This is his fifth campus of the day and he's headed back out first thing in the morning.

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