Monday, January 21, 2008

Let's get ready to rumble!!!!

Holy cow, what a wild night! Before the debate we were able to hear the Executive Producer of the debate talking the audience about what would happen. He said it would be different and just as ground breaking as the Youtube debate. He said there would be no timers, no bells, and the second half would be a no holds barred type of question and answer.


Within the first ten minutes the political punches began flying like a fighter fighting for his life. Obama and Clinton went after each other and went hard. They argued back and forth for close to ten minutes without Edwards even appearing on the screen. When he had a chance Edwards threw a huge uppercut asking the two candidates how their arguing would lead to helping the American people.

I've never seen so much candid moments, fighting, and even laughter in a debate. The pundits will debate whether that is good or bad. It was definitely entertaining and I'm not a fan of bickering back and forth which we avoid on Political Connections.

The question is if Edwards can get a positive push from this debate because Obama and Clinton may have looked silly or negative for the way they acted. Or, will he be completely ignored by voters and, just as important, by the media because the focus will be on the debacle between Obama and Clinton.

I can tell you one thing outside of the debate, and I literally mean it outside, IT'S FREEZING! We have to go to our truck and in and out of the building and it is freezing. There are about 40 satellite trucks out here and the people working cameras and trucks are all wearing gloves and winter hats. Are you sure this isn't New Hampshire or Iowa??

I wasn't sure where I was going tomorrow, but I now know for sure we're going to see Edwards at a rally tomorrow morning in Conway. I'm fascinated to hear what he has to say about tonight's debate.

I need to get workin on my story so have a great night! I hear it could be a messy commute for you all in NC so drive safe!!

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