Monday, January 21, 2008

Time to spin...

The debate has ended and I'm mentally tired, I can only imagine what the candidates and perhaps even more Wolf Blitzer must feel like!!!

After every debate there is what's known as the spin room. It's a place where all the media hangs out and waits for spinsters to come. It's a mob scene. Literally, there are two or three people standing with signs surrounding a person. Then there is usually a dozen or so cameras, microphones, and reporters cramming in a half circle around the person.

The people or spinsters are usually advisors for the campaigns and try to push why their candidate did the best, was right, and essentially should become the nominee. This time since it was MLK day, many members of the Congressional Black Caucus (who hosted the debate with CNN) were there in the spin room as well.

That's where we got a chance to chat with Rep. Mel Watt who represents the 12th District (Charlotte area) in North Carolina. He said it was clear that Edwards was the only adult in the debate and it was a good thing he was there to moderate it.

We also had a chance to talk with Edwards' daughter Cate who pretty much said the same thing. Click the picture of Rep. Watt and Cate Edwards to watch both interviews.

We have to pack up a ton of equipment and get back to the hotel because it's already 11:10 and have to be on the road by 8:30 again tomorrow morning.

We're working on getting some one on one time with Senator Edwards at that event.

I'll keep you posted!

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