Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fort Mill, South Carolina

We're in a huge hurry to get to Clemson but we just attended a Ron Paul event and got a chance to talk to him.

Click Ron Paul's picture to watch my one on one interview with him. Very interesting and very different event than the rest of the candidates.

One of his supporters here left Kentucky at 1:00am to get here to see him.

I'll write more later but we have to hit the road!!!

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hayhurst for america said...


Thank you very much for covering Ron Paul! I was thrilled to see the clip here on your website. I only wish the interview was longer. I watch Political Connections frequently and was thinking it would be great to have Dr. Paul on your show.

Maybe come April, before the May primary, you could have him come on. Unfortunately the MSM has all but excluded him from America's tv eyes. It would be nice to have a news program, a local one at that, step out and provide a forum for Dr. Paul to speak.

As a republican, I will be voting for the only true conservative of the bunch. I will be voting for freedom, liberty, sovereignty, and hope for America. I'll be voting for Ron Paul