Saturday, January 26, 2008

Columbia, SC 6:00pm

One hour to closing time, at the polls that is. There are about 25 satellite trucks lined up in an alley within about five feet of each other. I can only imagine what it must be like at Obama's headquarters.

We are at a restaurant/gamery/nightclub called Gillians which will serve as John Edwards hangout tonight. I'm told by his press secretary that Elizabeth Edwards will not be here (she hasn't been here all week). She said that Elizabeth is home with the two younger kids taking care of things and getting some rest before Super Tuesday. It makes sense yet it strikes me odd with South Carolina being Edwards' native state.

Cate Edwards, his daughter, has been here for about an hour mingling and talking with folks. His supporters can start arriving at 7:00pm when the polls close.

Essentially the entire dance floor is gone and in one corner there is a stage with black curtains and there's a runway leading off the stage to stage left. A huge American flag covers part of the curtains and two tall John Edwards signs are on either side of the stage.

Across from the stage in two directions are big risers with probably 25-30 tv cameras and lights. Behind the riser is a bunch of tables set up for newspaper and internet folks.

I'm told Edwards was having meetings today about Super Tuesday states and planned to go for a run sometime this afternoon. He probably won't get here until sometime between 8:30-10:00 depending on how fast the election is called.

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