Friday, January 25, 2008

Columbia, SC

I went to one of Edwards' last campaign stops in South Carolina this afternoon. It was a youth voter organization rally. The group of college kids from 23 campuses nationwide helps get attention to the importance of the youth vote in the election.

About 200 packed the room and close to half if not more were over the age of 40. It's pretty clear by Obama's appearances on numerous college campuses that he has a large chunk of the youth vote in his basket.

Edwards was pushing that he's an underdog but he is the only candidate that will care about South Carolina after Saturday.

He went on to say a number of unflattering things about Hillary Clinton which some could say he's working voters to get second in South Carolina.

Regardless, he reiterated that he's staying in the race regardless of what happens on Saturday.

I have to mention again that we have not seen Elizabeth Edwards a single time this week. I still haven't heard if she will be her tomorrow as well. Cate, his daughter, has been here all week as have his parents campaigning all over the state.

After complaining about media attention nearly all week, Edwards had his largest turnout when it comes to tv stations.

My colleagues from the other Raleigh stations are now here. ABC network had a crew here with a reporter. BET was here and CNN pulled him aside for an interview as well.

While Edwards says he's gaining, his supporters were talking about Edwards getting the nod as a VP candidate.

Should be an interesting weekend!

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