Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Greenville, SC

Good afternoon from the Palmetto state. This morning we drove from Lexington to Greenville. We attended an event for Senator John McCain. He had several hundred people waving signs. There was clearly a large number of veterans in the audience including a WWII vet we talked with and someone who was a POW with McCain as well that is from Greenville.

There is often a lot of talk about McCain not being a smooth speaker and he loves to speak from prepared notes or speeches. That's why I was suprised when he spoke mainly off the cuff. Perhaps he's doing so many events that he's got the routine down now.

It's funny the difference in the campaigns. Edwards' crew always lets us shoot video of him getting off the bus and he says hello. The Huckabee crew didn't want us to get close to him getting off the bus. McCain got off the bus, walked up to us and greeted us personally.

I'll tell you what you can also notice huge differences in the candidates when you see their appearances in person. Edwards focuses on a variety of topics but definitely plays off the audience in a very serious matter and he likes to get through a number of topics including health care, poverty, and the War in Iraq in a small but formal setting. His supporters at the event appeared to be middle class folks who were for the most part middle aged or older. Huckabee's event was like a good old fashioned barbecue and he talks to his supporters like their buddies and focused on small government in his speeches. A lot of his supporters were wearing blue jeans and ball caps. McCain's appearance today was very traditional. He had a big flag behind him with perfect lighting in a big ballroom. A large number of his supporters were older and most of those were veterans.

McCain focused his speech on veterans, supporting troops, and the War on Terror. He said the decisions in Iraq should be made by the General there and not by a politician in Washington.

McCain also gave props to the SC Attorney General for suing North Carolina to "get their water back". Good thing the NC Primary isn't until May 6th huh?

Anywho, after we wrap up here we have to take a detour to Charlotte tonight. I'm looking to catch up with Ron Paul tomorrow morning. I'm thinking since he's a long long shot to win maybe he'll do a one on one interview with a non-South Carolina station. His campaign and his supporters are quite interesting.

In the afternoon we plan to head down to Clemson to see Huckabee with Chuch Norris and Ric Flair.

What a hoot huh?

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Anonymous said...

I want to know about the Ron Paul experience, if you will fill us in on that after it happens.