Saturday, January 19, 2008

Columbia, SC - let it snow

So, we stopped to get gas this morning after a much needed breakfast/lunch at IHOP. I realized as I put in my odometer reading at the pump that we had just passed a milestone on this trip.

We left Monday morning at 7:30am and by now 1:30 pm on Saturday we have traveled 1000miles! So, I feel like I should thank my vehicle for playing such a big role in this trip and remaining healthy!!

Anywho, it's a miserable weather day in South Carolina. It's been raining in Columbia all day and we hear it is snowing in Greenville. It's supposed to turn to snow here in Columbia in a couple hours as well. We stopped by a pollling place that was seeing a 16 percent turnout. Most said it was slow because of the weather and the fact it was on a Saturday.

So who will that help? Some believe it will help Huckabee because the far right Christians get to the polls no matter what obstruction lies ahead. Huckabee is a Baptist preacher by the way if you didn't know. Others say it could help McCain because his supporters believe in him so much they will go to the polls no matter how tricky the roads may get.

One common theme among voters is the fact that most believe all the candidates are good candidates but the had/are having a tough time to choosing one that stands out as the clear cut favorite and "best" candidate.

Huckabee went to a couple polls in Columbia today and McCain is down in Charleston.

Instead of hanging out with just one candidate (after all I can only be in one place at a time!) we decided to be more fair and hang out at the GOP headquarters where the GOP Chair and party officials and some of us media folk will be hanging out.

There's a clear sign everywhere that there's an election. Sure there are polls open and candidate signs are flooding street corners more than the rain, but it's the media that shows you why this is such a big event here.

As we drive down the street in our satellite truck, we almost always pass another tv station from just about anywhere. Last night we met a crew from Little Rock. There's crews here from Japan, Holland, the BBC. The state capitol is surrounded by satellite trucks and tents. Last night when we went to eat the restaurants were packed. I'd be willing to bet it was 40% media folk, 40% students (the other Carolina..ha ha), and just 20% local residents.

Anyway, we'll be monitoring it all stay tuned and good luck if you get snow there!!!

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